Picking Report: 8 Nov 2018

A collage of fly tipping

I had a busy morning. I picked lots of trash from Hale Drive and then on to what we call “the down way”, where the old train tunnel used to be. Someone nearby has had their kitchen done recently and so I found cupboard doors and several bags of smashed tiles and glass, all just left in an area outside a local nature reserve.

I dragged all these bags up to the litter bin by the bus stop. As well as the fly tipping, I also found some clothes which were sodden with rain and beyond salvaging. Wet clothes are annoying as they are too heavy and bulky to put in a bin bag so I posted them into the bin. A real shame.

Further down, I found more fly tipping: bags of what looked like bits from a dismantled greenhouse – panes of algae stained glass. On the road were two flattened bags of tiles that looked very much like someone had driven over them. I labelled and reported all the fly tipping.

I picked odd bits on the way back home, including beer cans, takeaway packaging and the odd bag of dog poo (why do people do this??? Why?). In the end I had to call it a morning as I had work to do and I’d run out of bags!

I had a few nice chats with passers by including a couple of people I’ve spoken to before, and a guy whizzing past on his bike who yelled “THANK YOU” at me – way better than being cat called! It’s so reassuring to know that most people don’t drop litter, and that they don’t like living in an area that is littered. The next step, though, is turning those kind comments into action!

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